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A Aino Minako [also see: Sailor V, Venus] A schoolgirl with the hidden identity of Sailor Venus. Akuryou Taisan Translated as "Evil Sprits Begone". It is the phrase Hino Rei's calls to ward off evil spirits. Allen Appeared in a flashback of episode 42. This is the young man Aino Minako fell in love with when she was in England fighting as Sailor V. Aluminum Seiren, Sailor romanization: sera aruminumu seiren Appeared in Sailormoon Sailor Stars. She is one of the Animamates who followed the orders of Sailor Galaxia. She was close to the Animamate Sailor Lead Crow. Amade Yuusuke Amade-san is a jazz singer who appeared in episode 006. Amazon Trio Appeared in Sailormoon SuperS. Three guys who fought for Queen Nehellenia's Dead Moon Circus. They were Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Fish Eye. Amazones Quartet Appeared in Sailormoon SuperS. Four girls awoken from the depths of the Amazon to fight for Queen Nehellenia's Dead Moon Circus. They were Cere Cere, Jun Jun, Palla Palla, and Ves Ves. Amethyst Kingdom The kingdom that Princess Lubina rules over. She visits Tokyo in Sailormoon SuperS. Ami-chan's First Love romanization: ami-chan no hatsukoi A special short movie that originally aired with the SuperS movie. Anima-mates The group of evil Sailor Soldiers from the fifth season, Sailor Stars. The members included Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Aluminum Seiren, Sailor Lead Crow, and Sailor Tin Nyanko. An One of two aliens that appeared in SailormoonR. She disguised herself as Ginga Natsumi and attended Juban Junior High School. She had a crush on Chiba Mamoru. Araki Kae The Japanese voice actor for Chibi Usa. Artemis The white guardian cat to Sailor Venus. He is the future father to Diana. Asai Tsutomo Minako's friend from volleyball. Ayakashi Sisters The four sisters who returned to the past (present day Tokyo) with their commander Rubeus in SailormoonR. They are all part of the Black Moon. Azabu Institute of Technology This is the school that Chibi Mamoru, Furuhata Motoki, and Nishimura Reika attend. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B Badiane romanization: badiyaanu She is the main villain from the Sailormoon SuperS Movie. She wished to have all children sleep forever and use their sugar energy to create the Black Dream Hole. She especially liked the strong energy of Chibi Usa. Banane romanization: bannanu Appeared in the Sailormoon SuperS Movie. This is a cukoo fairy who served Badiane by collecting children. His get-up resembles that of an Banana, his namesake. He used yellow-orange Bon Bon Babies and became a yellow-orange cukoo bird when he was defeated. BANDAI Produces Japanese toys for Pretty Soldier Sailormoon. Berthier She is the second youngest of the Ayakashi Sisters from SMR. Her powers are Dark Water and she is the evil counterpart to Mercury. Big Animal Kingdom A place in the anime that acts as a shelter for stray animals. Black Crystal romanization: kurozuishou This item was used to locate the Nijizuishou holders in the first season of the show. Black Dream Hole The power that Badiane was trying to unleash in Sailormoon SuperS Movie. It would keep children from growing up and they would forever stay asleep enjoying their dreams. Black Lady [also see: Chibi Moon, Chibi Usa, Small Lady] The evil influence of the Wise Man transformed Chibi Usa into this form in SMR. Black Moon The group of villains from SailormoonR who returned from the future to change the past. The group escaped the earth when Neo-Queen Serenity purified it with her Silver Crystal. They live on the dark tenth planet, Nemesis. Bon Bon Babies Equivelant to the monster-of-the-day creatures. They appear in the Sailormoon SuperS Movie. Bonne She is the villain of the Ami-chan's First Love special. Burning Mandala Attack used by Sailor Mars. When called out a schematesised respresentation of the constellations surrounds her, then is blasted at the enemy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C Campanula romanization: kanpanyura One of the Kisenian's flowers that attacked the Sailor Team. This one flew about the asteroid and attacked the girls as they attrived. Cardians The monster-of-the-day creature that would be chosen by Ann and Ail to drain energy from people in SailormoonR. Calaveras romanization: karabarasu She is the second oldest of the Ayakashi Sisters from SailormoonR. Her powers are Dark Whip and she is the evil counterpart to Venus. Chaos The evil entity that possessed Sailor Galaxia in Sailormoon Sailor Stars. Charm Buster Attack called on by Mimete of the Witches5. Cere Cere romanization: cere cere One of the Amazones Quartet in SailormoonSS. She is the master of flower arranging. She is the evil counterpart to Sailor Venus. Chiba Mamoru [also see: King Endymion, Prince Endymion, Tuxedo Kamen] The boyfriend of Tsukino Usagi who is also the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen and reborn prince of earth. He will rule 30th Century Crystal Tokyo with his true love as King Endymion. Chibichibi A strange little girl who appeared in Sailormoon Sailor Stars. She turned out to be Galaxia's star seed. Chibi Moon Compact Sailor Chibi Moon's first transformation compact. Chibi Usa [also see: Black Lady, Sailor Chibimoon, Small Lady] The future daughter of Serenity and Endymion. She has returned from the future for many reasons over the course of the series. Communicators Items used by the Sailor Soldiers to contact each other when there is trouble. Cosmic Heart Compact Sailor Moon's transformation compact in SailormoonS. Crane-master Joe One of the Nijizuishou holders who appeared in episode 025. Crescent Beam Attack used by Sailor Venus. Crescent Beam Shower A power-up attack used by Sailor Venus. Crisis, Make Up! Sailor Moon's double transformation phrase from SailormoonS. This turned her into Super Sailor Moon. Crisis Moon Compact Sailor Moon's transformation compact in Sailormoon SuperS. Crown Game Center The arcade where the sailor soldiers like to hang out and play video games. Furuhata Motoki has a part-time job here. Crystal Carillon Chibi Moon's bell that she used to call on Pegasus. Crystal Star The star shaped object that Tuxedo Kamen gaven Sailor Moon in the first season. Crystal Tokyo Tokyo of the 30th Century is ruled by Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Cukoo Fairies Banane and Auranja, two fairies from the Sailormoon SuperS Movie, who were collecting children for Badiane. Cutie Moon Rod Sailor Moon's weapon from SailormoonR that she used to call upon her Moon Princess Halation attack. Cyprine romanization: shipurin Cyprine is a twin with the girl named Ptilol (Ptilol is the one considered the shadow). Together they are known as the fifth witch of the Witches5. Cyprine is the one in blue. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D D Point This is the place where the Dark Kingdom's main base was located. The D Point is at the North Pole. Dahlian romanization: darian Appeared in the SailormoonR Movie. One of the Xenian's flowers that attacked the Sailor Team. It was the snake-like ones on Fiore's meteor. Dia Kingdom The kingdom that Princess Dia rules over. She visits Tokyo in the first season. Daimon The monster-of-the-day creature that was created by Professor Tomoe in SailormoonS. Daimon Egg The pre-monster-of-the-day creature that was created by Professor Tomoe in SailormoonMS. He would create the eggs and then they would hatch into daimon. Dark Fire Attack used by Cooan of the Ayakashi Sisters. Dark Gate It was the gate that the Wise Man wished to open to bring death to the Earth. It was opened by the power of Black Lady in present day Tokyo. Dark Kingdom This is the name of the villains of the first season. Dark Thunder Attack used by Petz of the Ayakashi Sisters. Dark Water Attack used by Beruche of the Ayakashi Sisters. Dark Whip Attack used by Calaveras of the Ayakashi Sisters. Dead Moon Circus They are monsters born from the ruins of people's abandoned dreams. They are the main villains of Sailormoon SuperS. Dead Scream Attack used by Sailor Pluto. Deadly Attack! Love Beam Chain! An attack used only once by Sailor Venus in episode 102. It seems that she made it up on the spur of the moment. Death Phantom The Wise Man revealed himself to be this evil entity known as the Death Phantom. He appeared in the last episode of SailormoonR. Death Reborn Revolution An attack called on by Sailor Saturn. Deep Aqua Mirror One of the three Talismans searched for in SailormoonS. This item is used by Sailor Neptune. Deep Submerge Attack used by Sailor Neptune. Deimos One of Hino Rei's crows. Diana A kitten from the future. Her parents are Luna and Artemis. Doi Mika The Japanese voice actor for Queen Serenity. Double Moon Power This term is used to specify when Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon team up in their attacks against the enemy. Usually worded "They used the powers of Double Moon" or something to that effect. Double Shabon Spray Freezing A powered up attack used by Sailor Mercury. Dream Coffins The containers that Badiane, from the Sailormoon SuperS movie, kept the sleeping children in. Dream Land An amusement park in the first season. Dream Mirror The villains of Sailormoon SuperS searched in these in hopes to find where Pegasus was hiding. Droids The monster-of-the-day creatures that were used by the Black Moon in SailormoonR. Dumpling Head romanization: odango-atama This name is used to tease Tsukino Usagi. It is a reference to her hairstyle. People who call[ed] her this are Chiba Mamoru, Tenoh Haruka, and Seiya Kou.